Club Spotlight And Sierra Proud To Return

Wolf Den News Staff

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Club Spotlights and Sierra Proud spotlights will soon be returning to The Wolf Den News. Since the start of the 2018-2019 school year, these staples of the morning announcements have been noticeably absent. The Wolf Den News Advisor, Mr. Schmitz, recently expressed his desire to bring back the forgotten segments.

“Something has just felt different this year, like something is missing. I was thinking about it a lot yesterday and I realized we haven’t done any Club Spotlights or Sierra Proud segments since we started the year!” Mr. Schmitz told his Broadcast Journalism class today. After announcing this, he promptly assigned students clubs to spotlight.

To start, The Wolf Den News will begin filming spotlights for C.L.A., F.C.C.L.A., F.F.A., The Animal Rescue Club, H.Y.L.C., and The Academic Decathlon team. Mr. Schmitz has emailed teachers and staff to find more clubs to spotlight as well.

Wolf Den News is also interested in hearing about stories of great accomplishments, awards students have won, and other student stories that would be of interest to the Sierra community. If you have ideas, they can be sent to Mr. Schmitz at

In our conversation with Mr. Schmitz he said “We’re excited to get this started again and share great stories with Sierra!” Keep an eye out for these stories and more on the Wolf Den News announcements and YouTube channel.

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