Too Quick to Judge

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

by Giulia Pantano | Staff Writer

* Giulia Pantano is currently a staff writer for the Wolf Den News and will be taking over as News Director next term where she will be the lead editor and desicion maker on news content for the Wolf Den News.

Imagine how someone would feel if they worked extremely hard on a project that took weeks perfecting just to have it laughed at in seconds when shown to a group of people.

Broadcast Journalism is a class available at Sierra High School which specializes in daily morning announcements that inform students and staff about news and events that are going on around the school and community. Due to being unaware of certain circumstances, viewers of the videos are too quick to judge on how the videos are produced, therefore giving the class a bad reputation as a “joke” and “a waste of time”.

Students and staff often critique the lack of enthusiasm and effort by the people on the news every day. Class participatns fear of judgement from peers and classmates drives students to hide their true emotions because one wrong move could lead them to be the next laughing stock of the school.

All students and staff should be aware that the people in the class spend a lot of time on their videos; they do the best they can with the materials that they have access to. If all students could experince what the Broadcast Journalism studnets experieence, they would understand the responsibility and deadlines that they are delt with in the class.

Then the students in Broadcast Journalism have to block out the negativity and instead focus on the positive feedback to help them be themselves on camera. At times, it might feel as thought the whole school is against them, when in reality a majority of people do find the morning announcements helpful and fun to watch.

A student who joins the class is put into a good environment where they learn communication and multitasking skills that they can carry throughout their life and help them with jobs etc.

Students get a rare opportunity to take a class to help them be comfortable on camera, learn how to edit, and express creativity; it is beneficial to have those skills for life after high school.

To fix the bad reputation of the class, people need to appreciate the hard work and dedication that the students in Broadcast Journalism put in to making the videos instead of looking at the negative side of the projects.

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